Qi Energy healing seminar and workshop

7-9pm, April 16, 2019: An introduction and experience of Qi Energy healing at the Jung Shim Melbourne centre

A natural answer to
Stress, Pain, Fatigue, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety, Headaches and Migraines, Allergies, Cold and Flu, Immune deficiencies, Irritable bowel and digestive disorders, PMT and hormonal issues

Sound, Frequency and Vibration

Everything in the universe, and on this Earth, whether animate or inanimate is made up of energised moving particles of colour and sound vibrations: from atoms and molecules to organic and inorganic matter. Instead of looking at everything as solid matter start to imagine it as small vibrating particles of intelligently organised resonating waveforms and particles with a fundamental frequency.

On a microscopic level our bodies are made up of these small pulsating particles of matter. Each organ is a group of particles that have bonded together and are vibrating at the same frequency. The group of particles forming the liver will have a different vibratory rate from those of the kidneys. So each organ has its own vibration and sound frequency. These organs respond as a group to particular sound and colour vibrations. The various systems in the body also respond to sound as do the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When the frequency of any cell deviates from the normal (e.g. from stress or toxins) it will have an effect on the whole organ and consequently the whole body.

The power of sound can change the arrangement of particles of matter. This can visibly be seen when a soprano shatters glass with a high singing note. Jung Shim's Qi Energy Treatments harness the healing abilities of sound and acupressure. Sound can penetrate much deeper into the body and has greater effect than needles or touch alone. This is because sound has the capability to pass through matter and change the vibration of the particles.

This seminar will give you an introduction and experience of Qi Energy Treatment, and our other healing and wellbeing practices:
• a Qi Energy class with sound meditation, movement and breathing exercises
• an introduction to Ancestral healing that is focused on changing inherited energy patterns that is the foundation of one's physical, mental and emotional condition.

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