Morgan, testimonial

Stress, fatigue, eczema, allergies, over active mind, poor circulation and ADHD are all things that I have suffered from throughout my entire life.


I've always been very open minded and willing to try alternative methods to help manage these ailments but nothing has had the kind of impact that I have seen from Jung Shim. 


A few months ago I decided to go to the Balance Festival in London where I met my Qi Practitioner.  After my first session at the festival I felt much lighter both physically and mentally; almost as if I was floating. These initial feelings led me to sign up for a course of five treatments there and then and it was honestly the best decision I have ever made!


Having finished my first five sessions, as well as an additional session with Master Oh, I am now able to reflect on the impact that my treatments have had and can sum it all up in one word - transformative. 


After three sessions the biggest changes I saw were of my thoughts and my fatigue. My thoughts shifted into a much more positive state, almost feeling like it was impossible to have a negative thought. This helped me understand and become more aware of how much energy is drained from the body and mind when we have negative thoughts. I had more energy throughout the day and my life felt balanced which was such a refreshing feeling! 


After my fifth session my skin improved dramatically as well as my circulation and ADHD. My feet and hands were no longer ice cubes since my energy was no longer stagnant.  I've always believed that heat has an effect on my skin and since my body circulation improved so did my skin.  I'm happy to say that I was also able to stop taking my ADHD medication, which had historically been a challenge for me. Going off the medication was a personal choice and the best decision I have ever made. I believe that, because of increased energy, my physical and mental systems are so much more supported after these treatments it has allowed my body to function so much better.  


I feel very grateful to have found Jung Shim. My overall health has never felt better than it does right now.  I’ve told so many of my friends, highly recommending the treatments at Jung Shim, since energy is what fuels our lives and we can all benefit from such a beautiful practice.