Our first experience of an energy treatment was at the Mind, Body, Spirit show last year. The effects of the treatment were extraordinary, something we had never experienced before. We both immediately felt energised and uplifted. A feeling we had not felt for a very long time.

The last few years had been very difficult, we had been caring for our mother and then her passing left us feeling empty and our lives felt meaningless. We both started to suffer from insomnia and when we shared this with each other, we realized we were both waking at exactly the same time, the time of our mothers’ passing. 

After a few energy treatments at the centre we were introduced to the Ancestor Healing Programme. We liked the idea of being able to respect our ancestors and alleviate any pain they were still carrying. Within a couple of months we began.  

The ancestor healing ceremonies were beautiful and we were so touched by the effort and support the practitioners gave us. At times however, it was emotionally and physically challenging. During the programme we both felt and sensed our ancestors, including our parents. This helped with the grieving process for our mother and slowly we began to feel lighter and able to live our lives in a more positive way. 

We also noticed many positive changes in our sister, who had been very unwell for many years. She had no knowledge of what we were doing, but was clearly benefiting from the process.

Throughout our journey, we have had many questions and experiences but we have always been guided by the practitioners. In the short time we have been attending the centre, we feel we have achieved a great deal spiritually and our thirst to learn increases daily. 

We feel privileged to have found Jung Shim and are thankful and grateful to everyone for their sincerity and generosity in supporting us. 

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